Spotlight on Students’ Energy Internships

What better way to help you understand some of the internship opportunities available to you as a member of the Cornell Energy Club (CEC), than to have the students themselves share their experiences. Most students are wrapping up their internships or will soon start to wrap up their internships, and as a result we touched bases with some of them to get a feel of some of the energy roles they embarked on this summer. 

Our volunteer today is none other than our very own Robert Brink, President of the CEC:

This is Rob Brink checking in from the GE Renewables headquarters in upstate NY, a little more than halfway through the internship project and absolutely loving it.  I'm based on the Marketing Strategy team representing Energy Storage, a market where GE has been making some big moves.  

My partner and I started off doing market sizing and analysis for different energy storage uses, but it has quickly morphed into helping make go / no-go decisions on numerous projects, as well as informing the strategic focus of the business.  As an intern, it's hard to imagine having a more impactful experience, and as a clean tech enthusiast I really couldn't ask for a more exciting position.  

Between preparing for our report-out to the head of the Renewables business in a couple weeks and making sure to connect with as many people here as possible, it's going to be a sprint to the end of the internship.  Looking forward to sharing more about the experience to fellow club members in the fall.

We will continue to share periodic updates on the internships embarked upon by our members. But should you have questions or would like to get in touch, do not hesitate to contact us.

Posted on August 2, 2015 .