Houston Energy Trek - Spotlight on Traditional Energy

With the various advancements and technological breakthroughs in the renewable energy sub-sector, the future of traditional energy is currently unknown. What is however known is that from the US to Australia, from Russia to Nigeria, from China to Saudi Arabia and everywhere in between traditional energy sources remain very important, and play very critical roles in world economies.

The Energy club at Johnson understands the pivotal role that traditional energy plays in the world, thus makes a concerted effort to ensure that its student body is well educated not only in renewable energy but also in traditional energy. Education of the student body comes in various forms, such as lecture series, speaker series, the Johnson Energy Connection and treks to energy firms.

One such event happened recently, when Victor Omoniyi, VP of Marketing, organized a trek to Houston in partnership with Yale School of Management. The event was focused on energy in general, and included visits to renewable energy companies, investment banks, consulting firms and oil majors. One of the oil majors that was visited was Shell. Shell highlighted their Accelerated MBA program, a program designed to recruit potential future leaders to replace their ageing workforce.

Whatever your passion for energy is, Johnson’s Energy club has an opportunity for you. If you are particularly interested in traditional energy, then come and join us to unlock the next big opportunity in traditional energy.

If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to Victor Omoniyi: ovo2@cornell.edu